How to prevent greasy and oily hair

Say goodbye to oily hair with these expert tips

Nicole Vince
17 July 2017
oily hair

You’ve all been there countless times. You go to bed, hair squeaky-clean, and you wake up with matted, greasy locks. It’s an issue that is brought up time and time again by clients to stylists, however there are many simple solutions to this predicament. Keep reading to get to the oily root of the problem.

Culprit #1: bad product choice

“Ultra-hydrating” might look enticing on a bottle, but the chances are it won’t be compatible with your hair type if you suffer from greasy locks. Instead, opt for an adapted shampoo that targets the presence of sebum, such as the Bain Divalent shampoo from Kérastase’s Spécifique range, whose scalp-cleansing ingredients will leave your hair grease-free for longer. According to David Lucas, French Kérastase expert hairstylist, “a healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair. However, primarily because of pollution, our scalps often suffer a disequilibrium of this healthy state. Kérastase’s Spécifique range can restore this balance, allowing the scalp to breathe and beautifying the roots of the hair”.

Culprit #2: over-washing

It may be your knee-jerk reaction to greasy hair, but over-washing can cause the scalp to go into sebum production overdrive in an attempt to replace the lost oils. It may be difficult, but try leaving it at least 2-3 days in between each wash. It will get easier as time goes on!

Culprit #3: constant hair-touching

If you frequently fiddle with your tresses – flirtatiously or out of boredom – then you’re transferring additional oil and bacteria from your fingers onto your strands. The same goes for hair brushing: not only does it catalyze oil production, but overuse of your brush will transfer the nasties that have built up on the teeth. If you’re guilty of either (or maybe both!) of these hair sins, then try tying your hair into a bun or braids – they’ll be out of sight, out of mind.

Additionally, if you're a dry shampoo junkie (like most greasy hair victims), it is advised to treat your hair to a clarifying shampoo 2-4 times a month, which are designed to exfoliate the scalp and cleanse the hair from product build-up. Try Redken’s Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo – it rebalances pH level, thoroughly cleanses pores and absorbs excess oil.

Culprit #3: hot water

Try rinsing your hair with cool – not hot – water after shampooing. Although it may feel nice, when water is too warm, it can stimulate the sebum-producing glands in the skin. On the contrary, cold water helps to close and calm them, meaning that your tresses are left unscathed by oil.

Oily hair hacks: for when it’s too late for preventative measures

Hack #1: dry hair shampoo

We’re sure you’re no stranger to dry shampoo, but it’s possible you are to L'Oréal Professionnel's Fresh Dust dry shampoo by Tecni.ART: simply spray over your roots and massage in for excess sebum absorption and clean, voluminous tresses.

Hack #2: a burst of fresh air

If you're still at home, a quick spritz with your blow dryer can breathe instant life and volume into straggly hair. Fix in place so that you’re good to go for the day with a volumizing hairspray like Biolage's Texture Builder.

Hack #3: savvy styling

A good way to hide greasy hair is to style it the right way. Braids and high buns can all hide a multitude of sins. Alternatively, roll with your strands’ natural oils and opt for a wet look, by using the Extreme Splash gel from Tecni.ART's Wet Domination collection by L’Oréal Professionnel

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