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12 Shades Of Copper Hair Color We Love

16 August 2017
copper hair

Nobody understands dazzling quite like a redhead. They stand out in every crowd, glossy locks reflecting each ray of sun. Red-haired ladies are natural-born showstoppers who understand the value of being unique.

Recently, we’ve been loving the array of copper hair shades available in salons. Whether you’re a peach girl or crave something vibrant like full-on phoenix hair, there’s a shade that’s bound to suit your personality and enliven your hair. We’ve even rounded up a few shades for those who still feel tied to their brunette or blonde roots.

Ready to spice it up?


Let’s start on the lightest end of the of the spectrum: peach. The vibrant hair color is somewhere between a pastel and a full-fledged shade, and it’s perfect for the adventurous and youthful among us. Bright, blonde undertones meet top shades of copper and orange, creating a color that reminds us of melted sorbet.

We love this color for spring and summer, particularly as an eye-catching alternative to bleach blonde hair on the beach. For pale complexions, peach hair is a surefire win


Not every copper shade is named after a fruit, we promise. Still, we can’t quite get over the vibrancy of mango hair, so named for its resemblance to the skin—not the flesh—of the beloved tropical fruit. This shade falls somewhere between copper and true red, mixing notes of both into a delightful, colorful cocktail.

Because this shade is so punchy, we prefer it on bobs, lobs, and pixie cuts instead of long lengths. A little goes a long way.

Rose Gold

Word on the street is that rose gold is the new millennial pink. Whatever the case, rose gold is practically inescapable these days—phones, laptops, accessories, you name it. Embrace the rosy hue by trying it out in your hair. Think of rose gold hair as a very light base of copper (almost a watercolor finish) topped with notes of pink.

It’s a lovely shade that’s almost reminiscent of a sunset. Lucky for you, the washed-out quality of the color means fewer dollars spent keeping it vibrant.

Golden Copper

Of all the shades of copper on the color wheel, golden copper is the one you’re most likely to spot on the red carpet—with good reason, too. The extra-warm shade of red is infinitely flattering and wearable, suiting nearly all hair lengths and textures.

If you’re a blonde who’s been looking to make the fiery transition to red, golden copper is an easy place to start. Be sure to ask your stylist for subtle blonde highlights, so you’re not too far from your comfort zone.

True Copper

As its name implies, true copper is the burnished red at its truest hue. The copper shade is warm, vivid, and exciting. It should liven up your complexion, bringing new life to your skin and brows. Copper isn’t just any shade of red—it’s one that turns heads and attracts attention.

If you’re ready to take a step into the spotlight and go copper, you’ll want to be sure and pick a hair routine focused on keeping the hair color vibrant. Any salon pro should be able to guide you.

Red Copper

For some women, there’s no such thing as too much red. Whether you’re a born redhead or recently converted, jolt your color into a new gear by opting for a copper that’s closer to a genuine red. This shade is far less blonde than its traditional counterpart, offering wearers a chance to enjoy purple undertones.

Take a walk on the dark side, and take your hair red copper. It’s a subtle change that will make your hair feel fresh without totally taking a chance on a new look.

Chestnut Copper

Fact: Chestnut copper is one of the most underrated, overlooked shades on the red spectrum. This stunning color rides the thin line between brown and red, melding the best of both shades to create a beautiful dark red. The shade is striking, especially against very pale skin, but never washes its wearer out.

Here’s note to take to your stylist: Try chestnut copper hair with a light copper balayage. It’ll help you transition to the new shade without feeling like you’re totally leaving redhead status behind.

Copper Balayage

Did someone say balayage? We love the hand-painted technique for trying any new color, but it’s particularly spectacular when used to dye copper streaks into brunette hair. The dark shade gives way to glowing, rich copper in a look that’s lovely for fall or winter.

Who says copper is just for the blondes to try out? Brunettes can have their turn, too, mixing their base color with exciting reddish hues while keeping the same color around the face.

Mahogany-Copper Sunset

Are you a woman who’s never met a color gradient she didn’t like? If so, mahogany-copper sunset might be the shade for you. Beginning with a deep, near-purple mahogany shade, this look fades gently into copper before transitioning to blonde. It’s Instagram-friendly, sure, but this color is also a unique opportunity to try a variety of shades and discover a new favorite.

If you decide to go for the full sunset, rest assured it’ll look stunning in braids and updos, as well as a traditional blowout.

Copper Ombre

Speaking of gradients, we’re also huge fans of copper ombre. It’s like the mahogany-copper sunset, but the darkest shade is largely confined to the root area. Bright copper dominates the lengths, ending in a brief burst of blonde.

This look is best for ladies who already know they’re committed to the copper lifestyle but may want to lighten up their color for summer.

Copper Dip Dye

If copper intrigues you but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, opt for a copper dip dye instead of a full head. The sudden transition from brown to red enables you to hold onto your brunette identity while still offering a change.

We love this technique for ladies with darker complexions, particularly since your face-framing piece will remain a dark shade.

Phoenix Hair

All our favorite trends start with Instagram, and phoenix hair is no exception. The sunny color gradient spread took the internet by storm months ago and hasn’t dipped in popularity since. The look begins with fuchsia hair at the root, which fades into copper and then blonde.

Phoenix hair will require more maintenance than true copper, but it’s sure to get you plenty of attention.

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