How to French Braid Your Own Hair in 10 Simple Steps

How to French Braid Your Hair Like a Pro in 10 Simple Steps

16 August 2017
french braid

Emily Arata

Senior Editor,

16 August 2017

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Ah, the French braid. It’s a work of art when done well, all perfectly-sized segments interwoven in a way that looks infinitely more complex than it is. Unlike the traditional braid, this one is far less likely to fall apart or end with bits of hair hanging out the sides. If you’ve always wondered how to French braid, now is finally your moment to master the style.

Like all hair techniques, this braid will take a bit of practice to get it exactly right. We recommend sitting down with a hairbrush and a few no-tangle hair bands to try it out the first few times. While it may seem natural to take up a position directly in front of a mirror, the reversed image can be quite confusing to beginners. Instead, rely on your hands to tell you which strand should be pulled next.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need 25 fingers, octopus arms, or any kind of glue to make the French braid happen. After this tutorial, you’ll be braiding like the professionals.

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