5 expert tips to survive growing our your bangs

5 Expert tips to survive growing out your bangs

Nicole Vince
17 July 2017
stylist brushing client’s fringe
Nicole Vince

Nicole Vince

Hair journalist

17 July 2017

Nicole is a hair and beauty journalist with a particular fondness for the latest bright hair colors. There isn't a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

You’ve decided to lose the fringe, but now you’ve hit that awkward inbetween stage. It can feel like there’s no escape from hair-poked eyes, but if you do it right, you’ll be free of your bangs sooner than you’d think! Keep scrolling to discover our finest expert secrets to encourage healthy growth of your bangs.

1. Keep your hair healthy

The healthier your hair is, the quicker it will grow back. David Lucas, French Kérastase expert stylist, reveals his expertise when it comes to analyzing the health of his clients’ hair: “When a client enters my salon, the first thing I do to diagnose its level of health, and therefore what it needs, is test the hair’s elasticity, in order to deduce how fragile it is. When you pull on a strand of hair, if it is well-nourished it will bounce immediately. On the other hand, if the hair is tired, it will be more tense, and it can even go as far as breaking.”

To get that bounceback reflex, make sure to treat your hair to a frequent moisturizing treatment such as Kérastase’s Oleo Relax Mask from their Nutritive range, in order to prevent breakage. Armed with palm oil and Brazilian Murumuru butter for ultimate hydrating properties, not only will your hair stay in good shape, it will also be weighed down, keeping those stubborn short hairs from standing to attention.

Spraying hair product on wet hair

2. Get a regular cut

It might seem counterproductive to cut the tresses you are trying to grow, but trimming your hair is a fundamental building block of a healthy hair routine. Your strands will be able to absorb more moisture and grow faster. Matthieu Séguier, a French hairstylist working in partnership with Kérastase reveals the solution to breakage: “once you start getting split ends, you need to cut your hair!” he explains. Therefore, make sure you pop to the salon every six weeks, in order to rid of split ends and keep your hair looking vibrant and full of life. “However, to avoid getting them in the first place, it is necessary to regularly condition your hair either by using a mask or conditioner, depending on the needs of your hair.”

A trim can also mean styling, as well as just a cut. With a few savvy techniques, you can blend those bangs instead of letting them grow out haphazardly. The easiest way to keep bangs in check with a pair of scissors is to cut in face-framing layers and a neat A-line cut with a shorter back. Growing out bangs doesn’t have to mean out of control and shapeless hair!

Hairstylist cutting client’s hair

3. Sweep them aside

Pick a side for your bangs, moving your parting away from the middle and angle it down. During this awkward phase, a side fringe is your best bet to disguise the undesirable length. Use a straightening iron to coax your hair to one side, and fix in place with a weighted product such as Matrix’s Biolage Gelée. It will be heavy enough to hold your style in place, but light enough to not give your locks a crunchy, hard texture. Added bonus: it’s paraben-free!

4. Accessorize

Disguising bangs can be as simple as using the existing hair accessories you already have lying around your bedroom. For a simple yet effective solution, you can use bobby pins to clip your bangs to the side of your profile. Alternatively, if you want them out of your face altogether (a frequently-experienced emotion for ditchers of bangs), then wear a thin headband. This timeless hair accessory is also versatile – ranging from bohemian-inspired to jeweled – so there’s a band out there to suit everyone’s tastes.

Brown girl with longhair and a band in her hair

5. Perfect a braid

Braiding your strands along your hairline can represent another easy, go-to style while you’re growing out your bangs. To keep your strands tame in the plait, apply Redken Hardwear 16 super strong gel to damp hair. Once you’ve finished, pin your creation to one side, and spritz on L’Oréal Professionnel’s Infinium hairspray. And there you have it – a convenient yet chic solution!

Long red haired girl with a side ponytail and a braid
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