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Ask your hairdresser: how to look effortlessly fabulous for a wedding

Diana Beraud
18 July 2017
Wedding hairstyle on a woman with long blonde hair
Diana Beraud

Diana Beraud

Hair journalist

18 July 2017

With over 10 years in the hair and beauty journalism industry, Diana has written for many top women's magazines. She is on the constant prowl for the latest trends. As a true parisian she adores sleek and elegant hairstyles.

It’s the biggest day of your (and your hair’s!) life, and you want to be in the hands of a professional. You have three options to go about getting the ‘do of your dreams:

- Heading to your hair salon

- Using the expertise of a professional hairstylist who specializes in weddings

- A new concept: Beauty on Demand

This new concept started in America with BLOW LTD and now has spread its wings to France and Europe with SIMONE and POP MY DAY. It's so practical and comfortable, and especially for brides-to-be. Indeed, they can prepare themselves at home, without any stress, and take their own time to get ready for the best day of their lives. We say YES!

How to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding

When choosing the perfect hairstyle for your special day, it is very important to take into account several factors. Firstly, all experts agree that it is important to show your hairstylist pictures of what you like, but also what you don’t like; this serves as an important guideline to set your stylist in the direction of what you want.

1. Match your wedding hairstyle with your dress

Firstly, it is important to coordinate your hairstyle with your wedding dress. As explained by Sabine Costanzo, stylist for French beauty on demand company Simone, “the wedding dress is very important when you choose your hairdo. For example, if your outfit has a low neck, opt for loose hair, and if your dress has a high neck, then having an updo will look very elegant”.

2. Your face shape will play a role in choosing your wedding hairstyle

“With regards to your face shape, it’s all a game of balancing your silhouette” Sabine explains. “For example, if your face is oval and long, you should fix a low hairstyle in order to balance out the shape. Conversely, if you have a round face, prioritize a higher up do in order to elongate your profile”.

3. Consider your hair color for your wedding

It may sound odd, but it’s necessary to reflect on your hair color when deciding on your hairstyle. For example, if you have multiple tones in your hair, it is advisable to consider an up do.

Diana Beraud Hair journalist

“This is because the style will stand out more, thanks to the varied shades. Blonde hair tends to have more contrast, for example” reveals Sabine. If you have dark hair, consider letting your hair loose and adding beautiful curls, or fixing an elegant chignon. “Also remember to freshen up your color up two weeks before your big day”, Sabine adds.

Top three hairstyles for the big day

Bohemian braid

You can’t get much more effortless than boho hairstyles. Wearing your hair loose creates this natural and romantic look that is inherently feminine and elegant. From side swift braids, to half-up-half-down, there are lots of variations of this style that you can choose from. It also goes perfectly with hair accessories, such as a flower crown, if you want to jazz it up.


The timeless and classic Chignon

Wedding trends constantly come and go, but the classic chignon is timeless, sophisticated and always a winner! The best thing about this fairytale hairstyle lies in its versatility – there are so many versions, you are sure to find one that suits your taste.


Loose hair, don’t care

Whether you were looking for high-volume waves or soft twists embellished with flowers, there are many ways to make your wedding hairstyle romantic and elegant simply by letting your beautiful tresses hang free.

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